Skip containers are suitable for the collection and follow-up transport of domestic and industrial waste. Our standard version has a 5 mm or 4 mm thick steel sheet bottom and 4 mm or 3 mm thick steel sheet sides. Customers often purchase them along with lids (steel, aluminum, or plastic). The construction of our containers can differ according to their potential use: for scrap, sludge, or with a flap. We can also manufacture a specific container according to the customer’s wishes.

Skip Container SDS – symmetrical with lids

  • Design according to DIN 30720
  • Tipping bar bracket on both sides (pivot Ø 45 mm)
  • Stacking bar, L100x63x8 (rolled) or U-profiles
  • Top hem U80x50x4
  • Lifting lug according to DIN 30720
  • Bottom without guide rails
  • All corners – reinforced
  • Load capacity: 7 t
  • Primed and painted in RAL shade on request /80-100 mü/



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Skip Containers (MULDEN) – asymmetrical opened

SDS 5 5 3100 x 1780 x 1450
SDS 7 7 3500 x 1780 x 1700
SDS 10 10 4100 x 1780 x 2050